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Transform your customer experience

Transform your user experince with an engaging productivity solution incorporating tools the professionals use

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Our software intergrates seamlessly within your existing services such as: search engine; app store; productivity suite; finance portal etc

Internet scale solution

Trading Strategist software is standards based
and designed for Intenet scale,
cost effective operations

Which Type Of Financial And Information Portals Will Benefit From Our Corporate Solution?

Consumer Finance Portals, News, Financial Tech, Challenger Banks,
Wealth Managers, Brokers, Data Providers, Stock Exchanges

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Investors And Traders Are Suffering Chronic 'Information Overload'

How Many More Profitable Trades Are Being Missed Everyday...

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Blockchain As A Service (coming soon!)

About Us

We are an independent, UK based, FinTech, SAAS company comprising of professionals spread across Europe and USA. As a team we have in excess of 150-years commercial expertise, including with some of the world’s leading technology, finance and government organisations.
Our solutions are designed to significantly improve your customers’ experience and be quick and easy to deploy. We have capabilities to send billions of notifications per day through our technologies.

Companies That Have Hired Us

Companies that have hired us


Quickly transform consumer finance and information portals into highly profitable billion-dollar SAAS productivity companies.

Mission Statement

1. Grow and nurture trading investment communities to share their collective market insights.

2. Capture this very valuable knowledge & deliver it alongside market data for enabling much more informed and timely decisions to all our users.

3. 100X everyone's productivity and profitability with 6 lines of code.

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