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We are an independent, UK based, FinTech, SAAS company comprising of professionals spread across Europe and USA. As a team we have in excess of 150-years commercial expertise, including with some of the world’s leading technology, finance and government organisations.

Our solutions are designed to significantly improve your customers’ experience and be quick and easy to deploy. For example, our initial ‘ChatBot As A Service’ takes 1-line of code to deploy.

Companies We Have Worked For


Build world class SAAS solutions that help data centric businesses significantly improve their customers’ experience and better monetise their existing data.


We are enterprise systems and data experts with a proven methodology for transforming data centric businesses that have been built during a time when ‘presenting static information’ and then ‘stickiness’ were measures of success. In today’s world the users’ expectations are (i) a simple, convenient user interface within their favourite messaging app and (ii) an experience that delivers immediate results.

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