Intelligently monitor any market with our bots.
Fraction of the costs. All the profits just like the hedge funds.

Augment your investing skills with our custom AI.

Intelligently monitor 1,000s
symbols in real time

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Your team of fully programmable Bots

Receive accurate real time
alerts before everyone else

Any device. Any time. Any where.

Make highly informed decisions
to maximise profits

Zero coding skills needed.
Everyone can succeed!

Are you wasting valuable time everyday
reading the news?

Our intelligent monitoring platform provides you with real-time, relevant, actionable data.
Minimise cognitive load. Maximise profits.

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Profit from institutional grade algorithms
using proven hedge fund techniques

Our team of smartbots evaluates huge quantities of data in real-time.
Just like the professionals.

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Greatly improve your productivity
Program your expert team of Bots

Easily tell your expert team of bots what to do and
let them do the hard work for you.

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Meet your team of bots

Dedicated to your long term success.
Accurate, reliable and always learning.

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Ray – Portfolio Bot
Build and test portfolio management strategies in seconds. Quickly identify the optimum portfolio composition and calibration strategy for your financial and risk objectives.

Bill - Quant Bot
Uses various AI techniques to study the markets in real time and identify situations with the ‘best fit’ profit potential. Always learning and improving.

Stanley - Trader Bot
Alerts you when market conditions meet your chosen investing and trading criteria. Empowers you to make highly informed decisions on any device, any time, anywhere.

Warren - Strategist Bot
Helps you design, back test and go live with effective trading and investing strategies without writing a single line of code!

Laura - Analyst Bot
An expert team that accurately machine reads and analyses market data, news, social media, RSS feeds, etc for relevant market events.

Christine - Risk Bot
Uses hedge fund techniques to constantly monitor risk of your portfolio and individual positions to minimise potential losses and maximise your returns.

Always make very intelligent decisions
augmented by world class team of bot experts

Evaluate best signals with highest profit potential.

Easy To Use

Zero code platform full of advanced techniques

Boost Your Productivity And Profits

Save valuable time with a world class team of bots with expert skills

Always Informed

Any time. Any device. Anywhere

Transform your productivity and profits

Never miss a profitable price move again.

"How you gather, manage and use information
determines whether you win or lose."

Bill Gates

"Time Is Money"
Benjamin Franklin

Knowledge is profit and it is now time to take action!


We do not offer these types of services:

• Get rich quick schemes
• Guaranteed profits
• Very high % win rate
• Services full of advertising
• Screen shots of very large broker account balances
• ‘Market secrets’ – if you do find any secrets then please tell us right away!

About Us

We are an independent, UK based, FinTech, SAAS company comprising of professionals spread across Europe and USA. As a team we have in excess of 150-years commercial expertise, including with some of the world’s leading technology, finance and government organisations.

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Mission Statement

Make trading and investing better for everyone, so you can focus on what you do best, making highly informed and timely decisions for maximum gain and least risk.


To make trading and investing more profitable for everyone.

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